Call for Nominations for the position of ISfTE Secretary General Elect

Dear ISfTE Members:

In accordance with the Constitution of ISfTE, the Secretary-General has struck a committee for the purposes of overseeing the process to elect ISfTE’s Secretary General Elect (2020-2021)

The individual elected will serve one year in the position of Secretary General Elect (2020-2021) and, without further election by the membership, move into the position of Secretary-General, for a further three years (2021-2024). The Secretary-General, under the advisement of the ISfTE Executive board, is responsible for the development of ISfTE and its policies and the overall operations of the Society. The Secretary-General will preside over all annual ISfTE Seminars for the duration of his/her term.

Current members of ISfTE are invited to nominate colleagues or themselves for the position of Secretary General Elect.

We encourage members who have a history of involvement with ISfTE and an understanding of the operation of our Society, which is based on our Constitution, to consider running for this important position. We expect nominees for the position to have a record of regular attendance at the annual ISfTE Seminars.

The Secretary General Elect is expected to attend the Executive board meeting, which will take place the day prior to the beginning of the annual Seminar in Bhutan, 2020. The individual will officially begin the term of Secretary-General Elect at the conclusion of the 2020 Seminar.  

Candidates must provide a statement (maximum 500 words) detailing their association with ISfTE and what they hope to contribute to the society in the position of Secretary General Elect and as the future Secretary General. Statements will be posted on the ISfTE website. Nomination information and personal statements are due by Thursday, March 5, 2020. Elections will take place shortly thereafter.

Please send nominations to Karen Bjerg Petersen, Chair of the Election committee at [email protected].

Election Committee: Karen Bjerg Petersen, Ingebjørg Aarek and Anne Merete Selvik Ask.