Update and Announcement for ISfTE 2020 Bhutan Seminar

Most countries around the world are battling the current situation of the evolving novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), with each country making decisions based on their individual contexts and needs. As of now, Bhutan has just one case brought into the country by an elderly tourist who is recovering well in the hospital. As a preventive measure, Bhutan has completely stopped inflow of visitors from other countries for two weeks. We are closely watching the situation.

We have already accepted more than 100 abstracts from approximately 150 individuals for the seminar. At this point, we continue to monitor the situation. We will reassess conditions at the beginning of April and make a decision, in conjunction with the Secretary-General and ISfTE Executive Board, as to whether or not ISfTE 2020 should proceed.

We ask that people refrain from paying the registration fee until further notice. Early Bird Registration will continue when the registration process reopens. In the case that ISfTE is cancelled those who have already paid their registration will be reimbursed.

We continue to be hopeful that we can see you all in Bhutan in June while recognizing the seriousness of the Coronavirus situation.

We will send an update in early April.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

(Kezang Sherab) (Ugyen Choden)
ISfTE 2020 Conference Conveners
Paro College of Education, [email protected]