Secretary-General Update

Dear Members and Friends,

Another year is quickly passing by. April is here and May is at our doorstep. I hope you are all keeping healthy and meeting your professional and personal goals.

COVID19 and the multiple developing variants continue to keep a hold world-wide. I expect all ISfTE members have been facing numerous challenges because of the impact of the virus on their lives. Across Canada we have experienced COVID 19 to varying degrees. Currently in Ontario, we are in an extended 6- week lockdown and are being asked to stay home and away from extended family and friends.

As a result of COVID19, sadly, we were once again unable to meet in Bhutan for ISfTE 2021. Our hope is that the ISfTE Seminar will return to Bhutan in the near future. In the meantime, the good news is that our hosts for ISfTE 2022 been busily planning for our coming seminar. As you will see in the announcement below, ISfTE 2022 will be held in Brazil. Our conveners, Vera Lucia Felicetti and Fabricio Pontin, have been working hard this past year to plan  a wonderful ISfTE seminar which will bring us together again after a very long hiatus. We have a full year before we will need to travel. This allows time for   countries to develop and implement vaccine programs that will open up regions globally.

The Executive Board has continued with ISfTE business over the past year. We will meet again in June 2021 for our annual Executive Board meeting. To ensure the smooth running of ISfTE business in the coming year (2021-2022), we have decided to keep the Executive Board intact this year and hold elections for new positions in the Winter/Spring of 2022. At our Annual General meeting in Brazil, we will welcome our newly elected board members and our new Secretary-General, Sheryl Rushton who will move from her position as Secretary-General Elect to Secretary General (2022-2025).

ISFTE boarD MEMBERS 2021-2022

PositionE-mail addressServing Year
Susan Tilley
Secretary Generalstilley(at)brocku.ca2018 – 2022
Sheryl Rushton
Secretary-General Electsherylrushton(at)weber.edu2020 – 2022
Sheryl Rushton
Treasurersherylrushton(at)weber.edu2017 – 2022
Karen Bjerg Petersen
JISTE Editorkp(at)
Kezang Tshering (Bhutan)Chair, Le’Ora Cordis Trustkezangtshering.pce(at)
Vera Woloshyn
Member-At -Largevwoloshyn(at)brocku.ca2019 – 2022
Jackie Chan
(Hong Kong)
Member-At -Largechanwunw(at) – 2022
Cornelia Brodahl  (Norway)Member-At -Largecornelia.brodahl(at)uia.no2020 – 2023
Ugochukwu Agi (Nigeria)Member-At -Largekysburnagi(at)gmail.com2020 – 2023
Vera Felicetti (Brazil)Member-At -Largevera.felicetti(at) – 2023


PositionE-mail address
Jackie Chan
(Hong Kong)
Communication Managerchanwunw(at)
Vera Felicetti (Brazil)   Karen Bjerg Petersen
Convenor of ISfTE 2022   Assistant to the               Secretary-Generalvera.felicetti(at)     kp(at)  

On behalf of the Executive Board, I want to thank all members for their continuing support of our Society during this time of COVID. The Executive Board is looking forward to meeting again at ISfTE 2022, in Brazil.

ISFTE 2022 Announcement

We are pleased to announce that the ISfTE Annual Seminar will be hosted by La Salle University – UNILASALLE. The conference will be held at Costão do Santinho Resort, in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil, May 16-19th, 2022.

The conference theme is: Education during challenging times: Sustainability, virtuality and teaching practices in a post-COVID_19 context. Presentations will address areas listed below.

  • Virtual environments, inclusiveness, and accessibility
  • Diversity issues in education
  • Teachers preparation for the new decade
  • Teaching and learning processes
  • Educational psychology
  • Global trends & transformations in education
  • Research approaches and methods in educational research
  • Advancements in curriculum & pedagogy
  • Globalization and internationalization of teaching strategies

We have planned a series of informative talks, meetings, and excursions. We look forward to providing ISfTE members with an engaging, productive, and memorable space to exchange knowledge and points of view about teacher education and educational research.

Our comprehensive website is under development but will be available in the coming months.

Important Dates

Call for Abstract: December 01 2021 until January 30, 2022

Early Registration: February 28, 2022 March 22, 2022

Registration Deadline: March 31, 2022

We look forward to welcoming you to Costão do Santinho, Brazil in 2022!

Vera Lucia Felicetti and Fabricio Pontin