Annual membership in ISfTE is USD $75.00. As a member you:

  • Have access to the directory of ISfTE members through which to find colleagues to partner with;
  • Have access to the current year’s volume of JISTE on-line;
  • Have opportunity to create and participate in ISfTE initiatives;
  • Have opportunity to participate in resolving critical organizational issues;
  • Have access to the database for survey and research efforts.

And, know that your membership dues support achievement of ISfTE goals.

Please access the Paypal link (sample) or Weber State University eStore (sample) below to pay your membership fee, then E-mail your payment receipt (screen capture / PDF) to isftecontact(at) to create/ update your account.


If you encounter any difficulties processing your payment or subsequently accessing protected parts of the site, please contact us at: isftecontact(at)

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